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seminaire Edgar Villarreal

The role of rainwater collection systemsin urban stormwater management


Assoc. Professor, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Visiting Professor INSA, Laboratoire DEEP
(Déchets Eaux Environnement Pollutions)

Date/Time: Thursday, 12December2019, 14:00-15:00.
Location: Room230, 2° floor building Carnot, INSA Lyon.

AbstractIn this talk I will provide an overview of my research activities in sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS), particularly the use of rainwater collection systems. Rainwater tanks, which are normally associated with remote rural areas or areas lacking alternative water resources, have also proven to be efficient elements in urban environments. They not only supply water for domestic uses that do not require high-quality treated water, but at the same time serve as stormwater management systems because they are able to detain stormwater. For this talk, a case study is used to show the benefits of implementing such systems with respect to water supply savings and stormwater management.BiographyEdgar L. Villarreal is an Associat


Edgar L. Villarreal is an Associate Professor at Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogota. He received his PhD and MSc degrees from Lund University,Sweden. Edgar has been a visiting professor at the Department of Water Resources Engineering, Lund University and the Institute for International Cooperation and Education, University of Seoul, Republic of Korea. He was appointed as the Director of the Master Programme in Water Resources at Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Edgar has worked with water resources projects since 1995, working as a consultant engineer in Colombia, the United Kingdom and Sweden. His research interests are in sustainable urban drainage systems, statistical methods in hydrology and the use of GIS and remote sensing in water resources engineering.

Edgar L. Villarreal
Departamento de Ingeniería Civil y Agrícola
Laboratorio de Hidráulica
Universidad Nacional de Colombia –Sede Bogota
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