Publications and knowledge transfer

03 Feb

Publications and knowledge transfer

la forêt comme modèle d'urbanisme et de conception

Une application du biomimétisme aux villes...

Un chapitre de livre intitulé "Applying Biomimicry to Cities: The Forest as Model for Urban Planning and Design" est a découvrir ICI



The idea of applying biomimicry to cities is attracting increasing attention as a way of achieving sustainability. Undoubtedly the most frequently evoked natural model in this context is the forest, though it has not yet been investigated with any great scientific rigour. To overcome this lacuna, we provide: first, a justification of the model of the forest via what we call the arguments from “fittingness”, “scale”, and “complexity”; second, an exploration of various key innovations made possible by this model in the fields of urban planning, urban water systems, urban energy and transport systems, and urban food and nutrient systems.


Biomimetic architecture Biomimetic urbanism Eco-cities Nature-based cities Sustainable cities


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