Publications and knowledge transfer

23 Aug

Publications and knowledge transfer

Book : "Metrology in Urban Drainage and Stormwater Management: Plug and Pray"

We are very happy to inform you that the book "Metrology in Urban Drainage and Stormwater Management: Plug and Pray" has just been published by IWA Publishing.

The book is published in paperback and as an Open Access eBook online:

The book presents the advancements made in applied metrology in the field of Urban Drainage and Storm water Management over the past two decades in scientific research as well as in practical applications. Given the broadness of this subject (measuring principles, uncertainty in data, data validation, data storage and communication, design, maintenance and management of monitoring networks, technical details of sensor technology), the focus is on water quantity and a sound metrological basis. The book offers common ground for academics and practitioners when setting up monitoring projects in urban drainage and storm water management. This will enable an easier exchange of results so as to allow for a faster scientific progress in the field. A second, but equally important goal, is to allow practitioners access to scientific developments and gained experience when it comes to monitoring urban drainage and storm water systems. In-depth descriptions of international case studies covering all aspects discussed in the book are presented, along with self-training exercises and codes available for readers on a companion website.

Numerous detailed examples are given in the book, with corresponding open-source codes and training files available to download here.

Best regards,
Jean-Luc Bertrand-Krajewski, Francois Clemens Meyer and Mathieu Lepot (co-editors).