Waste Water Environment Pollutions

DEEP undertakes research in a range of engineering sciences, dealing with concrete environmental issues across urban and industrial environments. Mobilizing multidisciplinary skills within DEEP leads to knowledge, methods and tools for efficient action to protect the environment, aiming for example to protect or restore ecological health for a given environment (preventive and/or curative actions) or to develop ecotechnological processes. Our approach is based on a dynamic balance between the overall study of integrated systems and understanding their basic processes; as well as their linkages at different time and space scales.

DEEP works principally in two fields of application:

  • water and urban hydrosystems (EHU)
  • solid waste, contaminated sediments and soils (DSS)

Three complementary lines of research are developed for these two areas of application, by combining experiments and observation on the one hand, and modelling on the other hand.

  • Knowledge of emissions and transfer of pollutants (C)
  • Physical, chemical and biological processes for treatment and reuse/recovery (P)
  • Methods for environmental and performance assessment (M)

These lines are described HERE.


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