Our research on water and urban hydrosystems



  • Knowledge and modeling of the phenomena of production and transfer of water and pollutant flows in urban hydrosystems, mainly sanitation systems; research focuses on metrology and modeling of rain-flow relationships, inputs and transfers of pollutants, particularly micropollutants, and technical management and treatment solutions.
  • Analysis of biological and chemical transformations in sanitation networks: the network as a physical, chemical and biological reactor, with work focusing in particular on sediment transport (sedimentation, erosion, transfer, settling) and biochemical processes (gas and odors).
  • Knowledge and modeling of extensive treatment systems for urban discharges from rainy weather before discharge to natural environments, in particular settling and infiltration structures, alternative techniques, green roofs.
  • Coupling of bio-physico-chemical processes and material transfers in the operation of filters planted with reeds treating domestic wastewater and unit water (mixing domestic wastewater and rainwater).


Pilot tests of Green Roofs