Reduction of pollutants

The objective of this topic is to characterize the emissions and identify the physicochemical processes that explain the retention and / or release of pollutants.

In the field of urban water, we decline this objective on micropollutants and microplastics, through experimental and numerical studies on the behavior of structures such as rainwater retention and / or infiltration basins, on techniques water management alternatives, or over weirs.
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In the field of waste and sediments, the experimental approach is based on the scenario setting of the behavior of polluted solid matrices (metals) coupled with the understanding of the mechanisms via the geochemical modeling of the carrier phases. One of the current challenges of this approach is to understand the role of organic matter present in these matrices (sediments, sludge, biological media).
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Generic approach for studying the behavior of solid matrices (soils, sediments, mineral wastes) with respect to the retention and/or mobility of pollutants.