Resource recovery

The objective of this major theme of the DEEP laboratory is the extraction, from "water" and "waste" resources of compounds that can be the subject of material or energy recovery.
The approach concerns first of all the deposits and their characterization, in particular with a view to recovery, either by biological processes (anaerobic digestion, composting) or by thermal processes (incineration, gasification).
Contact : Rémy Bayard (remy.bayard@insa-lyon.fr)


Generic approach for the optimized management of organic waste with the aim of its conversion into renewable methane.


We are also developing research on processes for better carbon recovery. In this context, biomethanation (biological conversion of biomass gases into methane) is a research field that involves many historical skills of the laboratory in anaerobic digestion and biogas treatment.
Contact : Hassen Benbelkacem (hassen.benbelkacem@insa-lyon.fr)


Biomethanation reactor for the pressurized conversion of syngas into biomethane.


Our skills in complex mineral and organic media also allow us to address the issue of recovering other mineral resources from waste or urban water, such as metals, nitrogen or phosphorus.
Contact : Denise Blanc (denise.blanc-biscarat@insa-lyon.fr)

Metal recovery in the wastewater treatment plant of the future.